A well done handwork depends mainly on the tools you use. At ARCOS we put all our investigation and experience into making our products the best valued tools for professionals.

The CIC (Comportamiento Inicial de Corte) or Initial Cutting Power is the minimum edge sharpness a professional expects from a new knife straight from the factory or bought at the point of sale. The minimum value for the sharpness of an average new knife’s edge is 50mm.

The RFC (Retención del Filo de Corte) or Cutting Edge Durability is the amount of wear and tear the edge of the knife is able to resist during its lifetime. In this case the minimum RFC value is 150 mm.

After exhaustive research and investigation ARCOS has raised the bar higher by developing an innovative blade edge in its KYOTO series of knives that reaches CIC values of 98mm and RFC values of 500mm.